8 Tips to a Tropical Resort Interior Décor

Tropical Resort interior design

Whether or not you live in an actual tropical location, the appeal of tropical resort interior décor is enduring. Who can say no to a light and sunny atmosphere?

Include plants in your decorating list. The tropics is known for lush greenery. Replicate the look by bringing plants into the living space. Use a variety that can be found in the warmer, more humid parts of the world. For instance, palms, ferns, bamboo or even banana plants.

Do not forget that resorts are supposed to feel luxurious. A tropical resort theme makes you feel like you are on a dream vacation. In the 90s, I made the mistake of buying a rattan chair that was beautiful to look at, but a literal pain to sit on. I never used it. Pieces that fit the style does not have to be at the expense of your comfort.

Choose weather-resistant material. Stay faithful to the theme by choosing materials that can withstand heat and humidity. Teak or mahogany, together with concrete, do wonders in exuding the tropical vibe. They are also weather-resistant and will do well no matter the climate.

Find items that come straight from the beach. It is impossible to talk about the tropics without mentioning the beach. In the same vein, inject some ocean into the space! Decorate the living areas with items that look like they just washed up ashore. For instance, bring in accessories made of capiz or other types of shell.

The window treatments should be light and airy. Let the sunshine in! Consider using window treatments made of natural materials such as sea grass or abaca. If you want something more traditional, find a fabric with prints that echo the tropical resort theme. Palm-tree prints look festive and whimsical.

Blur the line between indoors and outdoors. Do not forget to extend the theme to the outside of the home, such as the garden or the patio. Comfortable seating with lots of pillows, a functional table and a cheerful orchid centerpiece — all of these elements make it easy to lounge around outside, as you would when on a tropical vacation.

The palette should be earthy and natural-looking. It is the room's colour palette that speaks the loudest when it comes to creating this theme. Browns, blues and greens are safe bets. As a fan of colour contrasts, I recommend throwing in splashes of red to liven up the room. An unexpected pop of colour will not diminish the theme, but will instead make the space look less contrived.

Bring in ventilation. All rooms benefit from extra ventilation. Install a ceiling fan made of a natural material such as rattan or bamboo, to help freshen up the room.