Home Décor Patterns, Textures and Colours

The success of any home décor depends on not just the look, but also the feel of the entire space. A seasoned home decorator knows that nothing should be taken in isolation when decorating a house. Incorporate patterns, textures and colours to create a functional and pleasing environment. Here are some useful interior design tips to combine these three decorating elements.

Home Decor Patterns Pattern Introducing pattern to a room instantly energizes its home decor. Generally, there are four types of pattern, namely floral, geometric, motif and pictorial.

Floral patterns are as the name suggests, about flowers. They add a soft touch to a room.

Geometric patterns are great for manipulating space. Vertical stripes will make a surface or room appear taller while horizontal makes it look wider.

A motif pattern is basically a repeated image. They can be representational (e.g. shells, moon, stars) or abstract (e.g. polka dots).

Pictorial is a theme anchoring to a particular era or style, for example a Mediterranean-themed bedroom.

If you want the feel of drama and strength, use the same pattern throughout the room. For a more lively effect, mix and match your patterns. When mixing and matching, always select a recurring colour or theme. Avoid using more than one pattern of a similar scale; pair a large motif with a small print. An interior design rule of thumb is to use large patterns on large furnishings, medium on medium, and small prints on small things such as accent pieces.

Interior Design Textures Texture Many people generally overlook texture when they think about interior design. Texture can add a whole new dimension to the ambiance of a space. It can make a space more than just attractive; it can make it interactive, inviting inhabitants to indulge their sensory impulses. Think the smoothness of stainless steel, tickle of feather and sensuality of satin.

A wonderful use of texture is to make a monochrome home decor more interesting. Rough, coarse textures tend to make an object feel heavier, while smoother textures will make it feel lighter. Heavy, soft textures add warmth to a space. By contrast, sleek smooth textures can make a space open up and feel roomier.

Home Decor Colours Colour Colour is cardinal in interior decor. In developing your house's colour scheme, think about the mood you would like to achieve. Warm colours are inviting, comfortable, relaxing and intimate. Cool colours are tranquil, refreshing, soothing and calming.

Colours are also a great way of linking one room to another. Especially if the rooms are open-concept or not blocked by doors. In this situation, the challenge is to give each space its own identity yet still achieve a feeling of unity. One idea to connect spaces is by using uni-coloured trims. They provide a marker to make you feel anchored as you move through your house.