Should I Hire An Interior Designer?

Interior Designer

With more and more DIY home décor TV shows, some people may get the idea that hiring an interior designer is a luxury. It's easy to form the opinion that interior designing does not take that much skill and is simply a matter of copying a look from a magazine. Besides, you certainly don't want to be the star in those horror stories where designers are more interested in realising their creative vision, instead of listening to you.

However, while a professional interior designer may not be a necessity for every interior design project, there are certain reasons why professional interior designing shouldn't be dismissed.

Expertise The foremost reason for hiring an interior designer over a contractor is because of their experience and expertise. Particularly for first-time home-owners who have no clue what they want or people who are looking to do a major home makeover, designers can be lifesavers. By hiring a professional designer, you will get their seasoned advice and guidance to create your dream home. Good designers are your resource to the latest trends and ideas. They can visualize the overall project and illustrate the effects before actual execution.

An interior designer is also knowledgeable in design theory and its technicalities. These include reading blueprints, drawing floor plans and generating 3D images.

An important point, that is often overlooked, is that a designer can act as the bridge when couples disagree on what they want. Win-win solutions may be offered to please both sides!

Cost Savings Cost savings An interior designer will have established relationships with material suppliers and contractors. You may get better discounts which are otherwise unavailable to you. Not to mention, a good designer can save you money by giving you sound advice in terms of materials, design and dimensions.

A common myth about interior designers is that they cost a lot of money. The price tag is actually wide-ranging. It should not be hard to find one that fits your budget. Furthermore, many interior designers in Singapore do not charge for a preliminary consultation. You can see whether you like the proposed concept before engagement.

Time Savings Once you hire an interior designer, they save you from having to deal with the less fun stuff. They handle the problems, work with the sub-contractors, vendors, officials to get permits, inspections and so on. Looking for a special material or furniture? The designer will source for you. You can concentrate on preparing for your ideal home and not worry about every little detail.